Jeanne E. Stewart

Voter Statement Flyer

Jeanne Stewart (R)
Clark County Commissioner Dist. 3





All Of Us Working Together Shoulder to Shoulder
Building a Greater Clark County

Of the People • For the People

Citizens First!

That’s what government should be about!
I have a proven track record of working on behalf of citizens. Let’s work together to
move Clark County forward:

  • Demand safer transport of all hazardous materials traveling through our county.
  • Improve mental health service
  • Keep taxes under control through carefully prioritized spending
  • Work with regional partners to expand economic development to create jobs
  • Help create an effective regional transportation plan including a third bridge without the financial burden of light rail
  • Actively support C-Tran’s flexible, affordable, and functional bus service.

I always have and always will, respectfully represent the Citizens of Clark County.

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