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Saturday, May 2nd, 2015

My past Vancouver City Council runs for political office have always been for nonpartisan positions.   This County Councilor races are partisan and candidates must select a party designation.  I have not been strongly aligned with any particular party, in the past.

After careful soul searching, I have come to the conclusion that my most important principles and philosophies are more closely aligned with those of the Republican Party.  Those are for the: respect and protection of the Constitution of the United States; a goal for creating an economic  environment that promotes long term living wage jobs for our citizens; a goal to collect necessary taxes while using the money prudently to achieve the most effective priorities; support for personal freedom and personal responsibility for every citizen; support a long term stewardship of the County environment; and to work for a fair, just, and honorable society.

Thank you.

Jeanne  Stewart

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Stewart Receives Recycling Lifetime Achievement Award

Wednesday, June 11th, 2014

Vancouver, WA: Jeanne Stewart, candidate for Clark County Commissioner (district 3) received the Washington State Recycling Association’s Lifetime Achievement Award for her service to the city and Clark County during their annual conference held in May.
Stewart has recently retired from the Clark County Solid Waste Advisory Commission after over 2 decades advocating for recycling, waste reduction and prevention in Clark County. She began in 1989 by participating in a pilot source-separated recycling program, the first of it’s kind in Clark County. As Chair of the Carter Park Neighborhood Association, she led neighbors into a huge success with the program; enjoying very high participation.
In 1991 she went on to volunteer to serve on the Clark County Citizens’ Recycling Committee, which helped set up the County’s first recycling efforts. In 1995 Stewart was appointed to the Clark County Solid Waste Advisory Commission. She continued to serve on the commission during her years of service to the City of Vancouver as a city council member.
Although she has been a pioneer for recycling efforts in the County, Stewart credits “The highly professional and knowledgeable managers of Clark County, the City of Vancouver Public Works and Environment Services; and the hard working members of the Clark County Solid Waste Advisory Commission,’’ she continued, ‘’But the real heroes are the citizens, who by their participation showed a shared commitment for a cleaner and healthier future!’’
Over her 2 decades of continuous involvement advising, vetting, and shaping the Solid Waste Program, Stewart has helped Clark County develop one of the most comprehensive recycling and waste prevention programs in the State of Washington.
Anita Largent of Clark County Environmental Services said “Jeanne is well known and appreciated for her meticulous, methodical and detail oriented work style. Attention to detail, researching topics, asking hard questions and taking a stand demonstrate her commitment and values. All have a strong admiration for her commitment to citizens, community, and the environment. Thanks Jeanne, for your many years as a citizen advocate for recycling!”

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