Jeanne E. Stewart

2015 Primary Election Results

IMG_5799Tuesday August 4th, the Voters indicated, through the primary election results, that they prefer me to stay in my present position, District 1, on the Clark County Council.  I accept that outcome as the will of the voters.  I want to thank all those wonderful people who supported my campaign and offered encouragement.  Their commitment and sacrifice of time, is a treasure and is greatly appreciated.

I continue to have great hope for the future of Clark County and I promise to continue working with the same effort, vigor and forethought, as I brought to this position.

I intend to hold true to my promise of work toward the six important issues as indicated in “Citizens First”, outlined on my web page and my Facebook page.

  • Ensure safer transport of all hazardous materials traveling through our county.
  • Improve mental health services.
  • Keep taxes under control through carefully prioritized spending.
  • Work with regional partners to expand economic development to create jobs.
  • Work to create an effective regional transportation plan without the financial burden of light rail or tolls.
  • Ensure C-tran provides flexible, affordable and functional bus service.

Please feel free to contact me if you need assistance.

Faithfully working for you,

Jeanne E Stewart, Clark County Councilor,

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