December 12, 2013

Dear Friends and Supporters:

It is time for a final “thank you” to those who worked so hard in my reelection effort.

You were a mixed team of people with extraordinary effort, hard work, advice and insight. Thank you.

It has been an honor serving our citizens and my country, as an elected official.

Thank you to so many for the cards, notes, and comments of ongoing support and encouragement.

I will serve as your Council Member until midnight of December 31 and will be available to fulfill all my responsibilities until then.  If I can be of service, please call me at 695-5154.

Those who continue to follow me will see some changes on my webpage and on my face book page. The contact phone number will remain the same.



One Goal, One City

September 25, 2013

I have always had one goal as a city council member: To be a direct and independent representative of the citizens, all our citizens, in an objective nonpartisan way.This is my single goal. I have a long track record of honoring that goal, and I always will.

A recent political mailing which included me in a line up of single party candidates was not with my permission, approval or knowledge.

I want to control my own campaign, independently and in my own way.  It is inaccurate to show me running as a part of any group.  I am an independent candidate, as I have always been. City Council members are not partisan positions and I never represent any partisan political group or special interest. My interest is to look out for the citizens of Vancouver.

To continue to do that, in a balanced and independent way, I must be reelected. For those who want to help me with my reelection, please do so by signing up on my webpage to volunteer or through a direct contribution on my webpage. I do not fund my campaign with big dollars from any groups. I run my campaign by direct support from the voters I represent.

One goal:  To be an independent representative for the best interests of the citizens of Vancouver.


Planning a vital future while
preserving the public’s trust

A healthy combination of public service and private business experience has enabled me to make balanced decisions and further qualifies me for future decision making for Vancouver’s continued high quality of life.

My home has been Vancouver since 1969. My education is in accounting and finance. For thirty-two years, I have been devoted to public service including my work on the Vancouver Planning Commission and the Clark County Solid Waste Advisory Commission. My husband and I have been married for thirty-nine years and operate a small family business in sales. We have one adult son.

Serving the public has given me experience and insights about the expectations citizens have for city government, namely: serving the general interest of all citizens; preserving the public trust; sustaining ongoing communications with citizens; encouraging and maintaining neighborhoods; ensuring adequate medical, police and fire services; maintaining a clean environment; managing growth for optimum livability and safe, affordable neighborhoods for young families and young adults.

I value your trust and support.